City Tour Of Santiago Walking Tour, Chile

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Santiago Walking Tour Guide:

A sublime walking tour that combines sophisticated restaurants and pleasant street cafes with spectacular lookout points and a bird’s-eye view of the city.

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Santiago Walking Tour; The Andes Mountains form a spectacular backdrop for this fast-paced and modern metropolis, which proudly maintains its original Spanish colonial architecture. Santiago is the starting point for eager cruise ship passengers, dynamic business travelers and happy-go-lucky backpackers, all ready to explore one of the world’s most promising destinations. Take a walk up to breathtaking high-altitude lookouts with magnificent views of the city. Then select from a myriad of refined restaurants that offer delicious local seafood and a host of international dishes. Explore these and more with your expert personal guide, available 24/7 on your schedule!

Santiago Walking Tour Highlights

  • Introduction
  • High Altitude Start at Santa Lucia
  • Central Square at Plaza de Armas
  • Historic La Moneda Presidential Palace
  • The Art Museum & Restaurant District
  • Exciting Days & Nights at Bellavista
  • Breathtaking 360° View from Metropolitan Park
  • The Summit at San Cristobal Hill
Transportation By Foot – Easy walking
Specialty City/Town, City/Town
Tour Type Guided Tour – play before & while you tour
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Marcelo Mackinnon

Marcelo Mackinnon has been working for the past 10 years as a tour guide in Chile's central valley area - Santiago, Valparaiso, and Vi'a del Mar. He also knows his way around nearby countries such as Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, et cetera). Marcelo currently resides in Santiago, and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.


"There is no other city in the world where having a friend to show you around (i.e. Tours4Mobile) will be as useful as in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With 8000, bars, 3600 restaurants and dozens of kilometers of white, sandy beaches to cover, Rio´s breathtaking tropical atmosphere inspired me to invite you to travel to this exciting destination.

On your fist visit, the best place to begin is Copacabana, approximately 40 minutes drive from the airport (officially known as Tom Jobim International). Known as 'Copa' by the Cariocas (locals), this is where most of the hotels are located. Southwards and within walking distance of Copa is Ipanema Beach, a place made famous by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Morais in their song 'Girl from Ipanema'. According to the insider legend, these musicians would spend a lot of time in a bar, waiting for a tall, tanned, young and lovely girl called Helo Pinheiro to pass by. Today the bar is still there, the street is named after Vinicius, and Helo is a national celebrity.

By the way, if you plan to buy property, be warned that Ipanema is the most expensive neighborhood on the planet. Next to Ipanema is Leblon, not so crowded during the day, and favored by actors, singers and fashion models. However, if you really want to 'Rock in Rio', Lapa is the place, full of bars, restaurants and cabarets. If you can´t get any action there, you won´t get it anywhere!"


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"Exciting, a whole new concept"
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"Even though I am a local, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting and learning more about the history of the landmarks. The author's interest in the area comes through in his engaging style of writing. Being able to complete the tour at my own pace made it even
more enjoyable."
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"When the conference ended, I stayed in town on my own and used T4M's self-guided tour to decide which things in town I wanted to visit and what to see/do there. The guide was right every step of the way. Bottom line, this guide helped me make the most of my time in town."
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