General FAQ

How is T4M different from other websites?

We offer the largest selection of self-guided tours made for your mobile device WITH pictures – so that you know what the narrator is talking about. Our tours are written by locals and travel professionals who have inside information about destinations.

Who are the people writing the tours?

Our Tour Providers are professional travel-writers, tour guides, writers from city, park, and museum visitor bureaus, and people just like you who love to travel.

How often are the tours updated?

We specialize in ever-green material, not time-sensitive. Our authors are encouraged to update their material annually, but that is not always necessary if the subject is historical.

I can’t find the city I am traveling to. Will you be adding more destinations?

Yes! Every day new tours are being produced and added to the T4M website, so please check back often, and tell us which locations you’d like to explore with a guided tour.

I don’t have a smart phone, iPod, or mp3 player; can I view your tours on my computer or laptop?

Yes, you can, in either HD or normal resolution. The images were designed for small screens so you may need to adjust the setting for best viewing.

Can you help me determine which format to purchase?

QuietGuide (text and images), are available on Amazon in the Kindle eBook store, and they display on any smartphone or iPad.

Audio/Video Formats – Steaming video is automatically available. Check for fees with your network provider. This format is similar to a narrated slide show.

Apps – Some of our tours of large cities are available as apps, with narration that starts as you approach each point of interest. The tour page on our site includes links to the iOS and Android versions.

What type of security do you provide for online transactions? Is it safe to buy a tour on your website?

Yes, it is completely safe to purchase and download a tour from us. PayPal is our Shopping Cart Payment Card System. When purchasing, you are transferred to PayPal’s secure servers to enter your credit card data, whether Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. We cannot access your credit card data. We do maintain your contact information such as your email address on our SSL-secured servers, so that if there is a problem we can contact you. Your account information is protected by your password, which only you know. All of our tours are produced in-house and tested to ensure that they are free of malicious code, then stored for download on our secure servers.

I have questions. Who can I contact for help?

Customer Service is available via email: admin@tours4mobile.com

What do I do if a tour does not live up to my expectations?

First, we encourage you to sample (prior to purchase) by clicking on the free 60-second video Introduction. This can be found – for every tour we offer on the Shopping Cart page of our website. We care about the quality of the products we provide, and welcome your input. Please contact our customer service representatives, Contact Us. We want to hear your suggestions and concerns.

I would like to advertise on your site. Can someone contact me?

Please fill in the form on the “Contact Us” page and we will have someone contact you right away.

I just used a tour and loved it! How can I share my experience with others?

Great news! We love to hear positive feedback. In fact, we have a place on our site to share comments as Testimonials. Just fill in the form on the “Contact Us” page and please refer your traveling friends and family to our site.

How can I provide a tour or tip of my favorite destination?

If you would like to join our family of Tour Providers, please visit the “Opportunity” page of our site to learn how to get started.

Are your Tour Providers paid to recommend a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or other service?

We encourage our tour providers not to accept payment or free services for their recommendations. We do not accept tours that include advertising.

Writers & Photographers FAQ

What exactly do you want from me?

Send us one unforgettable tour (then a dozen more)—a 30-minute or so script (about 3,500 words) with lots of photos that help others see what you describe. Additionally, please provide: two short descriptions for the sales catalogue, five shorter tips, and a short bio and photo of yourself—and we can make it pay royalty dividends for years, send you a flat payment on acceptance, and suggest lots of bonus earning opportunities.

What's the trick?

Prose that sings, photos that shout, and a “wow!” a minute. The same old tricks every good writer uses in every article, here transformed into a tour with accompanying photos to use on your mobile phone, to see and hear as you wander through the site—or sit in your easy chair vicariously viewing the top spots in America and the world.

What does it cost me?

Not a penny. We convert your script and photos into on-going revenue without any investment on your part whatsoever.

What's the first thing I do?

Log in and go to QUERY LETTER. Email us your responses to seven questions. Then if you get a “go-ahead,” which means we are eager to see your tour, follow the step-by-step information at Provider’s Island.

Why should I prepare a tour?

To earn 10% royalties per tour and 25% commissions per download.
To get widely seen/heard in sound/print and have your photography on display.
To establish your expertise from which to add a new revenue stream.

How often will I be paid?

A flat fee on acceptance, then royalties every four months, by check or direct deposit. We hope the royalties last forever.

What's the copyright status?

You retain the copyright on the material you provide to us (you must own and/or have permission for unlimited distribution of all tour materials). You grant Tours4Mobile a) distribution rights so that your tour can be posted on various websites, and b) the authority to change the materials to support marketing, advertising, and various distribution methods. Our buyers can download the tour for immediate family use in a variety of formats, but they aren’t allowed to copy it. After the Tour is offered for sale, if you significantly rewrite your text, you can sell it or the photos as separate elements as second or reprint rights as long as they do not compete with T4M products.

How many photos should I include?

Send us at least 1 photo of each Point of Interest in your tour. If the accompanying text or narration will result in more than 30 seconds to one minute at a single POI, please add additional pictures of that POI so that the photos continue to hold the interest of the customer.

What tour locations do you most want to buy?

Conventional wisdom tells us to focus on the most popular destinations, but our unique niche opens new doors everywhere. Sharing the hidden secrets of your lesser-known favorite spot might also become a “best seller.” Query us with a location you think that others would flock to if they just knew—or start with a site that’s already popular. (One of our first tours was of Purisima Mission in Lompoc, California!)

Is San Francisco, for example, big enough for two tours simultaneously?

Only two? We could easily offer six or eight 30-minute tours of San Francisco (or almost any major city) since each is composed of exciting nuclei that tell their own stories. How about one tour of Fisherman’s Wharf, another of the Golden Gate Park (with the Presidio), another of the downtown region and Chinatown, a fourth as seen from a ship cruising the Bay, and a fifth visiting the many museums…

I've only written articles. Isn't a tour very different?

Most good writers are storytellers, and if you can imagine what would be intriguing and useful to tourists at your site, the rest is just tight writing and superb (well, very, very good) photography. Just so the stories are true!

My articles have been relatively short. How can I fill 30 minutes?

Once you try combining great insider stories, what’s at hand to see, and background information, you’ll find that your problem will be the reverse, how to quit in just 30 minutes!

How long does it take for my script to be produced?

Once we have everything in hand, generally a couple of weeks, but if we’re swamped it may take a week or two longer. Please try to get the final, submitted tour to us well before the “high season” at your tour location so there’s no rush.

What kind of sales do you anticipate?

We are launching globally, with lots of Web and regular publicity, and we also expect the number and quality of tour providers to help establish Tours4Mobile.com as the place to go to buy the best tours about the most exciting places to see in the world. What does that mean to you? We won’t be much interested in tours that won’t sell in the high hundreds. We expect the better ones to sell many, many thousands of copies..

How will the site visitors know the benefits of my tour?

We will ask you to write a fetching description of your tour in both 25 and 100 words that really answers this statement: “You won’t want to miss this tour because _.” We’ll also have key photos on the tour title page, the formats in which the tour is available, and a short clip they can view. With that, how can they resist rushing to the order form?

TOUR GUIDES often ask: But won't this hurt my business?

Presume that 75% of the T4M Tour buyers will never visit your site in person (it’ll be much higher if you’re talking about Sisquoc or Inhambupe, Brazil). When they buy your T4M Tour, you earn a royalty impossible to get without our selling process and breadth. Consider: (1) Who are the other 25% going to seek out for more information and services when they arrive? If your T4M Tour is first-rate and your script and photos are captivating, you are the obvious provider; (2) Just because the buyer is glued to his/her chair, they still have kids, friends, and others they will urge to buy your T4M Tour and/or visit you when they travel; (3) the existence and global availability of the T4M Tour itself will brand you as an expert on your location or theme, and there is nothing that can create a healthy lifetime income flow better or faster than well promoted, legitimate expertise.

TOUR GUIDES often ask: I'm reluctant to give you my photos. What are you going to do with them?

You’re not giving them to us! You want them to illustrate your words and to show why your site deserves to be visited. We will use them only to accompany the text and audio and to illustrate the site in the opening page on the website. We won’t use, trade, cook, or barter them. If they are yours, or you have the right to use them, we don’t care if they’ve been used before or will be used again. T4M Tours without illustrations are as dull as sand, so to get an acceptance we need something illustrative.

How soon can I start?

Today! Go to the Author Login Menu, and enter our Provider Island for step-by-step details, without obligation of any kind. Or just contact us for more information.

Affiliate FAQ

Who are you looking to be affiliated with?

Tourism groups, travel service or product providers, transportation companies, etc.

What does it cost me?

There is no charge.

Do you have physical copies (CDs) I can sell?

Not at this time.

Can I sell your Tours through my website?


How and when will I be paid?

Quarterly via PayPal or direct deposit.

I'm interested, who should I contact?

Contact Us.

Will I be recognized as an official T4M affiliate?

Yes, after approval.

I curate a museum, can I have a T4M tour commissioned?

Yes, please contact us for details.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.