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We are looking to purchase 2,000 new tours throughout the world. If you’re a travel writer that knows how to use a camera or a photographer or tour guide that knows how to write, learn more about this amazing opportunity (royalties included!)

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Tours4Mobile Pays For Great Content

We are seeking to buy 2,000 new visual travel tours throughout the world. Articles are typically 3,500 words long with approximately 75 matching photos. We overlay the audio, put the submission package together, and sell it extensively for people to view on their computers and mobile devices!

If you are interested, please send us a pitch for a tour you think people would like to see. If we like your idea for a location, we’ll give you the go-ahead. You do what you do best and send us a script with the photos.  We offer our content-creators a 10-15% royalty paid thrice annually for as long as eager travelers buy the finished product! You’ll also receive 25% commissions for any sales you generate, by tracked with a URL or QR code. This process is found in our Affiliate Program.

Great content can generate hundreds, even thousands of dollars for each tour—unheard of in the travel writing world! There’s no investment on your part and no strings attached.

Every locale, even the town you’re living in, has its own stories, fascinating sites, and unique history. Somebody will be the first to share the most exciting, informative, and beautiful places around the world and they will get paid to do it. Will it be you?

Register today and we’ll give you all of the details without any obligation.

We’re reinventing the travel experience. Join us today!

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