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Tours4Mobile did for audio tours and guide books what TV did for radio – they added pictures!    Emmy Award winning TV Host Mark DeCarlo

Every traveler wants a friend to show them around, and we are there, with the best walking tours and driving tours on your mobile, to do just that!

Why are these the best walking tours? Watch this video clip – it’s only 60 seconds.

Our Executive Editor, Gordon Burgett, has authored hundreds of travel articles, and published 35+ books. Gordon guides all the tour providers in best practices as they use the Tours4Mobile authoring system. Since 2007 Tours4Mobile, based in Santa Barbara, California, has been led by Founder Marie Profant, a long-time manager of leading-edge systems.  Joining her is an amazing technical and production staff.

We give people on-the-go as well as arm-chair travelers a personal guide through the most interesting places in the world 24/7. So often people gather travel advice from many sources, but it’s often fragmented. And when it comes right down to it, people really wish they had a local friend to show them around… but how often is that possible? Now you have a guide to show you the sights, explain the history and legends!  So quit driving in circles. Spend your precious time seeing the best – what interest YOU! Let our local experts show you the way. Join us today and enhance your travel adventures with Tours4Mobile.

QuietGuides Sample

QuietGuides are e-book travel guides. Text and images guide you and allow you to control the pace of the tour. Great for kids, noisy areas, or for the hearing impaired.

Audio/Video Sample

Our A/V tours (narrated slide shows) play on any device that can play video files.

We are the largest source of professionally-produced, guided walking and driving tours created for smartphones and other mobile devices. Hundreds of tours are available.  We help you pre-plan your adventures and pick the best places to visit. Best of all, we provide a personal guide to help you navigate the destinations. It’s like having a friend to show you around!

We offer two types of tours. Most provide a day or two of entertainment with turn-by-turn directions and fascinating descriptions of highlights along your route. Go at your pace, pausing the commentary as you wish. Plus, our travelogues are great overviews of off-the-beaten-path locations which you can view before you go so that you make the most of your time.  We offer reference photos, so you know which building the narrator is referring to. As an added bonus, you will also have a keepsake from the experience that Tours4Mobile has helped you enjoy.


  • Affordable: For less than $6 you can follow a friendly tour guide. An average 80% savings over most personal guides!
  • Convenient: Use on any mobile device. On your schedule. At your pace. Our tours work on smartphones, tablets, Kindles, and mp3 players.
  • Compelling: Knowledgeable locals share the history, culture and insider tips.
  • Entertaining: Tours range from two hours to two days.
  • Simple: Just download then “tap” to play or pause.
  • Solutions: No guidebook, no rushing, no crowds. Includes a printable AND interactive map.
  • Everywhere: You’ll find us in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Canada, Caribbean and more.

You have done what we’ve been trying to do for 10 years — bring travel writing into the digital age!      VP at Lonely Planet