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The Sedona region cliff-dwellings, pueblos, petroglyphs, and pictographs are some of the finest in the American Southwest. Visit the sites, examine the ancient culture, and discover fascinating relics with us!

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About the Sedona, AZ Tour of Archaeological Sites: The Southern Sinagua began building their large pueblo communities in what is now the Sedona region around 1150 CE, and they thrived there for 350 years. Three notable sites in the Verde Valley are the neighboring Tuzigoot, Palatki and Montezuma’s Castle settlements. Walnut Canyon is outside the Verde Valley, but was developed early on by the Sinagua, keeping in close association with their kinfolk 35 miles south. The Sedona region cliff-dwellings, pueblos, petroglyphs, and pictographs are some of the finest in the American Southwest. We’ll visit the major sites and the minor ones too, examine the ancient culture, and discover fascinating relics near the New Age mecca of Sedona, Arizona. Explore these and more with your expert personal guide, available 24/7 on your schedule!

Sedona, AZ Tour Highlights

  • Sedona Archaeological Sites
  • Tuzigoot
  • Palatki and Honanki
  • Montezuma’s Well and Castle
  • V-Bar-V petroglyphs
  • Walnut Canyon
Transportation By Car
Specialty Sacred Sites, Historical/Heritage
Tour Type Guided Tour – play before & while you tour
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  • Walnut Canyon, Tuzigoot, Palatki and nearby Honanki were the largest cliff-dwellings in this part of Arizona, built about 800 years ago. The walls are more fragile than they appear - please don't ever climb or lean on them. Some of these sites also include delicate prehistoric Native American paintings. Never touch the pictographs: many are only red mud that will crumble at a touch, and natural oils from your fingers can contaminate the pigments, preventing future chemical analysis.
  • Because of the fragile state of the ruins, visitors need to call Palatki at (928)282-3854 between 9:30am and 3pm to make a reservation. Reservations help the Forest Service manage the number of visitors who arrive at the site. You may be turned away without a reservation if there are too many visitors.
  • Red Rock parking passes are required at Palatki, Honanki, and V-Bar-V Ranch. The sites are free to visit, but a Red Rock Pass must be displayed on every vehicle. They are available at the Heritage Site Visitor Centers run by the U.S. Forest Service. There are other locations in Sedona and elsewhere that advertise and sell the passes.
  • Dogs on a leash are allowed at Tuzigoot and both of the Montezuma sites, but are limited to the parking lots of Walnut Canyon, V-Bar-V Ranch, Palatki and Honanki. Pets are generally not allowed at fragile archaeological sites.

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    I like how it showed the pictures of places they recommend. It described the different sites very well. I recommend getting this ebook if you have plans for visiting Sedona AS.

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