Boston: Boutiques, Bridges, Baseball, And Beans

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Massachusetts sightseeing tour guide: 'Beantown' has upscale and student-scale shops, interesting bridges over the Charles River, the beloved Red Sox, and a modernized theater district. And now the cuisine is WAY more than baked beans and cod!

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Boston Unique Neighborhoods Guided Sightseeing Tour

Boston may be old and historic and Brahmin-fussy, but with half a million students infused into the mix each year, it has to stay young. So, our boutiques are trendy, our Red Sox and Fenway Park are the best in sports, our theater district now has dorms above a stage, and there’s ballet in the old opera house. We dance over the Charles River, which has some bridges with funky traditions, and our food is way better than baked beans and cod. You want protests? Is the original Tea Party good enough?

People tell us all the time that our tours make travel easier and much more interesting. So download this Boston Unique Neighborhoods guided sightseeing tour to your mobile device and come walk with us through this city that most think of as populated by stoic and straight-laced New Englanders, but as this tour shows you, most residents are actually young, vibrant, and even a bit quirky.

Tour Highlights

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  • Introduction
  • Newbury Street
  • More Newbury Street
  • Boston Bridges
  • Fenway Park
  • Boston Cuisine
  • The Royal Mile
Transportation Walking & Driving
Specialty City/Town, Historical/Heritage
Tour Type Guided Tour – play before & while you tour
And much much more…

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Julie Hatfield

Julie has been a staff writer for The Boston Globe for 22 years, and is now a freelance travel writer for newspapers, magazines and websites.


When my editor at The Boston Globe sent me down to Baltimore to write a travel story on that town, I was not excited. Baltimore? An old, tired city that no one wants to visit, I thought. What does Baltimore have that would make anyone take a trip there?

And then I visited Baltimore. The first thing I saw in stepping out of the taxi was a waterfront that was full of life, full of activity, full of families, and booming. I discovered this waterfront was revitalized from a dangerous, decrepit group of tired old buildings that a progressive mayor had torn down and brought in their place a city center for everyone to use. I discovered one of the quirkiest art museums in the country, one of the oldest and most respected medical schools, and sports heroes and musicians and poets and layers and layers of odd and quirky stories that took place in Baltimore.

I discovered a tremendous sense of humor in Baltimorans, who celebrate the funeral of Edgar Allen Poe with a parade each year because he never had a proper one, and a special warmth in Baltimorans, who call everybody “Hon.”

I discovered fantastic food; beginning with Maryland crab cooked every way possible and continuing on to the biggest and sweetest Southern breakfasts you’ll ever have anywhere.

I cried when I saw how Baltimorans honor our flag and our national anthem at one of the best forts in the country.

There is so much more. Here’s what professional writer Ed Wetschler says about my tour of Baltimore that resulted in two more trips to that town:

"What I like -- and, as a travel writer, admire -- about the Baltimore guide is the author's ability to understand and communicate what we travelers want and need to know about each site and attraction. She tells us what's important, interesting, and fun without bogging us down in extraneous information. Impressive!"


  1. Ed Wetschler, SATW

    I attended a conference in Baltimore that (full disclosure) was also attended by Julie Hatfield, so I downloaded her Baltimore Visual Travel Tours guide. When the conference ended, I stayed in town on my own and used “Baltimore, Reborn and Booming” to decide which things in town I wanted to visit and what to see/do there. The guide was right every step of the way, from the wacky stuff — and Baltimore, where John Waters grew up, has plenty of that — to quality sites like the Baltimore Museum of Art, which has the best Matisse collection on earth and charges no admission. Bottom line, this guide helped me make the most of my time in town. Thanks for guiding me to the right places.

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