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  • APPs with GPS

    APPs with GPS

    Our wayfinding guides are apps with GPS triggered audio, text and images. The narration begins when you tap a pin on the map, or as you approach each landmark, if your Location Service is set to On.  GPS- triggered technology is powered by iAppTours. The pictures are from the past and present, enhancing your entire…

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  • Universal Studios Orlando

    Universal Studios Orlando – Adult Trip

    Universal Studios Orlando Tour Guide:

    The romance of the silver screen! The thrills of horror films! A former employee maximizes your time and money on this unique vacation alternative for adults. Yes, adults!

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  • Universal Studios Orlando Walking Tour

    Universal Studios Orlando Walking Tour – Kids Trip

    Universal Studios Orlando Walking Tour:

    Cuddling with Barney, splashing in fountains, meeting animal stars or lovable aliens, this park keeps even the smallest child entertained. Brings out the kid in YOU, too!

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  • Geoff Woliner

    Geoff Woliner is a seasoned travel guide and comedian, performing throughout North America. He’s a former winner of Stand-up New York’s “Funniest Person from Queens” contest, has made numerous appearances on KWTF radio and is the founder of “Winning Wit, LLC”, which specializes in humor coaching. A native of New York City, Geoff is a…

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  • Maria Goudiss

    Maria Harding Goudiss has been a writer and avid traveler for more than 20 years. She has written several thousand articles for newspapers and magazines, focusing on many historic landmarks in New York State’s Hudson Valley. Maria is the founder of WordSmith, author/co-author of 60+ reading workbooks, and is a senior editor for various publishing…

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  • Patrick ODonnell

    Patrick O’Donnell has been a guide in a variety of locations, from his hometown of Niagara Falls, New York to the jungles of southeastern Peru. A passionate birder and biologist, he lives just outside of San Jose, with his Costa Rican wife and daughter.

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  • Touring Universal Studios

    Touring Universal Studios Orlando With Disabilities

    Touring Universal Studios with Disabilities guide:

    A former employee is your personal VIP guide! This ‘thrill park’ is a world leader in accessibility, and brief descriptions help you choose attractions that suit your needs.

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  • Wilmington Walking Tour

    Historic Downtown Wilmington Walking Tour

    Wilmington Walking Tour guide:

    Nestled on the banks of a river, this city’s historic brick streets and antebellum mansions have made it a charming setting for numerous movies…

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