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This is the Midwest’s version of Las Vegas! It comes complete with shows, museums, golf courses, lakes, outstanding attractions, AND it’s reasonably priced. Who knew? Now you!

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Branson Tour; Branson, Missouri: some call it Little Vegas, but everyone calls it fun! Boating, fishing, camping, golfing, and horseback riding are here for the outdoor enthusiast. Magic shows, Chinese acrobats, dancers, outdoor theaters, and Vegas revues tempt the entertainment aficionados. And there are museums, inspirational shows, and amusement parks for everyone else! The bonus here? Tickets are easy to get and the prices are very reasonable. Welcome to Branson! Explore these and more with your expert personal guide, available 24/7 on your schedule!

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  • Getting There & Getting Around
  • The Shows
  • Special Attractions in Branson
  • Something for Everyone!
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  • When you first get into town, stop anywhere and get a coupon book. Branson does an excellent job of offering discounts on attractions. Also, ask at the ticket windows for discounts. Each venue seems to have a special offer. This can save you many dollars in a place that is already very reasonable.
  • Plan to drive. Branson is not pedestrian friendly. Theaters and attractions are spaced far apart, and the area is located in the hills of the Ozarks. While there are some trolleys, the best way to get from place to place is by car. Public transportation is very limited. Each venue has ample parking, but be prepared, many lots are on hills.
  • Get a map before you arrive. Download one or stop at any attraction and pick up a coupon book: most have colored maps. Avoid Route 76 during busy times; it gets congested easily. Learn about the 'color' routes that can take you anywhere quickly. Google Branson and you will find a number of helpful map sources.
  • The busiest time in Branson is not summer! The busiest time is from November 1 until December 31. You need to plan ahead for the special Christmas shows and attractions. Reservations for this time period should be considered at least a month or more in advance. Silver Dollar City is amazing during this time. Christmas in Branson is special.
  • Plan your attractions carefully. Most shows last two hours. Plan time to arrive and time to eat between shows. It is easy to do two shows a day. Most shows start at 10am, 2 or 3pm, and 7 or 8pm. It is difficult to see a 3:00 and 7:00 show on the same day. Some shows require travel as well, so plan ahead to avoid being disappointed.

Jim Burgett

Jim Burgett is an author, speaker, and former school superintendent, who currently provides professional development services to schools and businesses. He is also a frequent traveler. Jim has visited Branson, Missouri more than a dozen times with relatives and friends, and considers it one of the best places to take your family.


  1. Linda

    I bought this as a gift for a friend who was planning to go to Branson, and read through it before giving it to them. I thought the descriptions were excellent, the coverage quite complete, and I was surprized how much there is to do and see in Branson. I think this ebook is a good way to pre-plan your trip, because you can’t see it all – you have to be selective.

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