Summer In Aspen and Snowmass

Colorado sightseeing tour guide:

There are few mountain communities that offer the sheer variety of cultural activities, outdoor sports, high-end shopping, museums, historic buildings, open parklands, and the spectacular scenery that you'll find in the summer in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado.

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Aspen and Snowmass Guided Sightseeing Tours in Summer

These twin mountain towns have been called the ‘Playground of the Rocky Mountains’ because the well-to-do like to come here for a myriad of cultural activities, including several art, science, and historic museums, numerous music festivals with well-known groups, schools for music, art, and science, and retreat houses.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Aspen is a charming old silver rush town nestled in a beautiful valley. Snowmass is only 15 miles away.

There are also an almost limitless number of outdoor activities to tempt you. From quiet and secluded parks to the thrill of extreme downhill biking, there is something to suit everyone. Hiking, bicycle trails, gondola rides, mountain horseback riding, and 4-wheel Jeep tours reveal spectacular views of some of the finest mountain scenery in the world. For the mountain climbers there are over a dozen mountains in the area over 14,000 feet high. The local rivers are a mecca for fishermen, and those who want relaxation can try river rafting or bask in the local hot springs. World-class bicycle racing, exciting rodeos, and even hot air ballooning are guaranteed to appeal to your competitive spirit. The sheer volume and variety of available activities make Aspen and Snowmass in the summer one of the most attractive and varied travel destinations in the United States.

People tell us all the time that our tours make travel easier and much more interesting. This tour, which plays on your mobile device, will lead you to the best Aspen and Snowmass guided sightseeing tours in summer in the Rockey Mountains. Another name for this tour could be ‘Adventures Unlimited!’

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1. Staying in Aspen/Snowmass during the high-season summer months can be challenging for reserving a hotel room or shared housing. It is always best to book your hotel reservations far in advance to assure the dates are available for the time you wish to come. Another option is VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) or the room-sharing service Airbnb.

2. Similarly, summer concert and lecture series tickets and activity reservations should also be booked ahead of time, once your dates have been set, and depending on the shows you want to see. Bicycle rentals, fishing equipment, and the various free concerts around town do not require reservations.

3. Getting around Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley is easy and efficient using public transportation. There is free bus service to and from Aspen and Snowmass year-round. It is possible to take an Amtrak train to Glenwood Springs, and take a direct bus to Aspen city center. There is a bus stop across the street from the relatively small Sardy Field Airport.

4. There are particularly high number of cultural events and festivals that keep the Aspen calendar full throughout the year, especially during the summer months. Some of the town's best known events include the Aspen Music Festival, JazzAspen, the Snowmass Village Rodeo, and 'Snowmassive Summer,' which is the umbrella branding for several summer events and activities, including the 3-day Mammoth Fest event.

5. Check out Four Mountain Sports for bike rentals and any other sporting needs: In Aspen: 520 East Durant Avenue. Located across from the gondola, next to Cafe Ink Phone: 970.920.2337

Snowmass: On the Snowmass Mall across from the Stew Pot Phone: 970.923.2337

Also in Snowmass: Next to the Elk Camp Gondola in Base Village Phone: 970.923.0430 S

6. Ride the Silver Queen Gondola up 2.5 miles from the heart of Aspen to the 11,212-foot summit of Aspen Mountain. Capture spectacular panoramic views of the Elk Mountain Range, dine at the Sundeck and participate in various activities. There is no minimum age, and the ride takes 18 minutes. Open every day in summer. Open weekends spring and fall. One day gondola passes are available. Be sure to check the time of the last ride down.

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Brad Olsen is a Contributing Editor for World Explorer magazine and has written several guide books. His seventh, 'Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations,' was released in March, 2007. The second edition of "Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations" was released in 2008 and won the "Best Travel Guide for Planet Earth" Award in 2010. Brad's commentaries have appeared on National Public Radio, CNN and the Travel Channel. He enjoys extended global travel (particularly to exotic locations), and public speaking on the subject of sacred places.


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