Go Beyond Maps For The Best Local Experiences

From Giphy.com

From Giphy.com

How many travel brands were started because of an argument? Perhaps we’ll never know, but at least one was….and it has become arguably the quintessential solution to countless arguments…helping travelers around the block, neighborhood, or even some islands, as they search for unique local experiences.

As boomers, remembering vacations with long rides in the backseat, who didn’t witness their parents arguing as they hovered over a map?  MapQuest, and the like, changed that with their turn-by-turn directions that moms eagerly printed out to help dad navigate….after all, we all know real men don’t read directions, right?  Millennials have evolved this cultural phenomenon, now arguing over how to interpret navigational monologues, i.e. “Your destination is on the right”, but there are 3 brick buildings, which one is it?

These are arguments to avoid, or in the case of a recent county-wide charity car rally, delays to avoid, when re-routing became a “navigational nightmare”. There were delays of 20 minutes and more, due to confusion.  We all experience this type of uncertainty, albeit in slow motion, when we’re walking around new neighborhoods.

With the advent of audio navigational directions, we all assumed the co-pilot’s job got easier, but did it? Mom now bites her tongue, awaiting the next clue, comparing the authoritative audio instructions to the reality of confusing or absent signage, road closures, and cookie cutter architecture.

These are all examples of how a picture could have told a 1000 words, that is IF pictures had been available.

Just when turn-by-turn directions were proving to be insufficient, in walked virtual tours, or more precisely visual travel tours, which are audio tours with pictures. Around since 2007, producing some of the most explicit travel content with multiple distribution channels, from Amazon to audio tour and app companies, Tours4Mobile, the home of VisualTravelTours, is now recognized at the largest source of high quality multimedia digital travel tours. As their tag line claims, it’s “like a friend to show you around”. It stands to reason that travelers who know where they’re going have more fun, save money, and share their favorite experiences.

We all depend on hotel staff for local information. Have you ever been 2nd or 3rd in line waiting for the front desk clerk or concierge to answer your urgent questions and realize you’re the millionth person to ask

What’s there to do around here?

The impatient among us googles the question, only to find a laundry list of options. The extravagant ones hail a $75 guide, if they can find one. Loyalty members might redeem their points to get a one-time discount or free offer for some activity they hope the family will like. But the lucky ones see a display card on the counter; “Tours4Mobile.com, $5 full day self-guided tours all around the city.”

While hotels worry about competition, particularly from Airbnb hosts who offer local experiences for housing PLUS guides, some hotel GMs are finding guests really like the independence of digital guides like Tours4Mobile, and certainly the ancillary revenue model is a game-changer. Details can be found on our B2B page.

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