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  • Traveling Smarter With Your Smartphone

    A lot of people ask us, “What can you do with a map offline?” Sure you can save them – but sometimes that’s tricky, depending on your mobile device settings. Here’s a couple of great articles: July 3, 2014 Jul 14, 2014 PS We should also say that our tours include both an…

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  • Where to Rock in Rio

    By Marcelo Mackinnon There is no other city in the world where having a friend to show you around (i.e. Tours4Mobile) will be as useful as in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With 8000, bars, 3600 restaurants and dozens of kilometers of white, sandy beaches to cover, Rio´s breathtaking tropical atmosphere inspired me to invite you…

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  • Finding The Unique – On Your Schedule

    By Liesbet Collaert When you travel to a popular place, there are always the ‘mainstream’ activities and the ‘usual’ ways to do them: an expensive guided tour, a day on the beach, a morning of shopping, an afternoon on the water, being shuttled from here to there. Or, if you are on a tight budget…

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  • Had a Blast in Baltimore – Who Would Have Guessed?

    By Julie Hatfield When my editor at The Boston Globe sent me down to Baltimore to write a travel story on that town, I was not excited. Baltimore? An old, tired city that no one wants to visit, I thought. What does Baltimore have that would make anyone take a trip there? And then I…

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  • Traveling Back In Time – Creating the Future of Travel

    By Gordon Burgett “There were no guidelines when I created the first video script and photographed the largest and wildest of the California missions, La Purisima. It sits empty each night about an hour from Santa Barbara, if you head north on 101. In fact, I was writing this maiden tour mostly to develop a…

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  • Mobile World Congress Travel Summit

    Barcelona, Spain:  Chairman Hugo Burge, CEO Momondo Group, with panelists Lee McCabe, Head Of Travel, Facebook, Marcus Casey, Head of Ecommerce, Lufthansa, Ryan Kowalczyk, Director Mobile Strategy, Orbitz Worldwide, and Michael Putnam, SVP Mobile, Travel industry leaders met in Barcelona on February 25-26, to hear the challenges and success stories of mobile implementations. This…

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