Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes Tour

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This beautiful drive is full of Wild West adventures and geologic upheaval. As you travel through landscapes made famous by Hollywood, listen to the stories that will make this stunning land come alive.

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Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes Tour

The drive from Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes is full of beauty and history. As you drive past the towering Sierras, you will pass historic sites made famous by California bandits. You will be following the route of gold prospectors and of Mulholland’s controversial aqueduct. The land is full of volcanoes, ancient waterfalls, earthquake faults, and vast valleys, each with a unique tale of geologic upheaval. Many of these locations will look familiar because Hollywood has taken advantage of the beautiful settings and made them the backdrop of movies and TV shows. Get ready to visit the Wild West!

People tell us all the time that our tours make travel easier and much more interesting. This tour, which plays on your mobile device, will lead you by car, motor home, or motorcycle to the best guided sightseeing locations in the Owens Valley north of Los Angeles

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  • Los Angeles to Mojave
  • Mojave to Lone Pine
  • Lone Pine to Bishop
  • Bishop to Mammoth Lakes
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Wendy Van Norden

Wendy Van Norden is a retired geology instructor, Harvard-Westlake School, UCLA, winner of numerous teacher awards- NAGT, GSA, NESTA, AAPG, contributor to The Teacher Friendly Guide to the Earth Science of Western U.S. She leads international trips for the Sierra Club and presents lectures on cruise ships.


  1. Kimberley (verified owner)

    I drove to Mammoth and was really happy to have this tour. It was educational and entertaining. The pictures were great!!

  2. Ursula (verified owner)

    Wonderful tour/guide for the very scenic (but long) drive to Mammoth. Tip #1 regarding reduced speed limits when driving through the towns is worth the $4.95! I have done this drive MANY times and now I can’t wait to do it again with this tour and its very colorful historical and geological tidbits.

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1. Be careful with your speed when approaching the towns. The speed limit drops dramatically and you are in danger of getting a ticket if you don't comply.

2. Sometimes you will be driving long distances between towns, so watch your gas gauge. Most of the small towns will have gas stations, but the prices tend to be very high. The best bet is to top off your tank in Mojave.

3. Don't expect to have cell phone coverage on all parts of the drive. Download anything that you want to have available at all times. For example, if you use Google Maps, get the route on your phone while you are in town. It will still be on your phone when you are out of service.

4. You are driving through a desert. You should always carry extra water in your car.

5. Mammoth Lakes is 7,800 feet high--and the top of Mammoth Mountain is over 11,000 feet. Many people experience minor effects of altitude sickness, including dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headache, and insomnia. To counteract the effect, you should eat lightly and drink plenty of liquids. Also avoid drinking alcohol during the first 24 hours of your visit.

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