Near Denver: Tour Colorado’s Hot Springs Trail

Tour Colorado’s Hot Springs Trail:

Want to get into hot water? A relaxing world of geothermal springs is set amidst towering mountains, raging whitewaters, and spiritual valleys… plus a winery, some goats, and a swing-fling!

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Tour Colorado’s Hot Springs Trail; Want to get into hot water? Head for Colorado’s Hot Springs Trail! Just three hours from Denver awaits a relaxing world of geothermal springs that nourishes a thriving Colorado spa industry – set amid a kaleidoscope of towering mountains, raging whitewaters, and spiritual valleys. It’s all here, including the world’s largest outdoor hot mineral springs swimming pool, a family-style hot springs resort, a spiritual valley hot springs center, South-Pacific-Island-style mud bath hot springs, and underground soaking caves. En route: an open-air swing-fling over a huge canyon, river rafting, wine tasting, tundra, alligators, UFOs, and some legendary folk. Relax! Enjoy!

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  • Introduction
  • Rocky Mountain Hot
  • Heated Homestead
  • Joyfully Hot
  • Hot Mud
Transportation By Car
Specialty Resorts & Spas, Historical/Heritage
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  • You don't have to bring a swimsuit! But bring warm clothing and sunscreen. At higher elevations, you're nearly sun-kissing, and the whitewaters and tundra summit of the Continental Divide are ice-cold year-round, thanks to the Rocky Mountains.
  • You can enhance your hot mineral springs experience with professional spa body treatments, many combining local herb products with historic, native rituals.
  • The springs are open year-round, and are close to popular winter ski resorts like Aspen and Vail. This makes the Hot Springs Trail very cool, every day of the year!
  • Every mineral spring has different admission costs, overnight accommodations, treatments, and combination discounts, which are not available through travel agencies or web consolidators. Ask directly or check the individual websites.
  • Speed limits are visitor-friendly! Drive too fast and you'll miss the startling wildlife, thundering waterfalls, and other jaw-dropping scenery tucked along the roadsides - or you might careen off the hairpin mountain turns! Drive too slow and you could irritate the locals.

Kathryn Brockman

Kathryn Brockman is a multi-lingual travel writer and overseas military brat who has traveled through sixty-two countries and lived in seven of them. A contributing historical book author, she has an insatiable curiosity for what lies around the corner or over the horizon: sometimes this gets her into hot water! Kathryn currently lives in Southern California.


  1. Joe Lieberman

    Kathryn B. certainly knows what’s hot and what’s not! She seems to be an expert in all things pleasurable and liquid, from thermal springs to fine wine. I trust her judgement.

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