The National Recreation Areas Of San Francisco Walking Tour

San Francisco Walking Tour guide:

Within city limits, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area encompasses developed sections such as the presidio, fort, and museum, along with windswept beaches and miles of secluded hiking trails.

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San Francisco Walking Tour

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is one of the most visited National Parks in the United States, hosting over 13 million visitors per year. It is also one of the largest urban parks in the world with a size almost 3 times that of the consolidated city and county of San Francisco, where much of the developed park resides. This tour through the GGNRA will include units within the city of San Francisco: the historic Presidio, Maritime Museum and Fort Mason, along with the wilderness regions of Lands End, Ocean Beach, and Fort Funston. Explore these and more with your expert personal guide, available 24/7 on your schedule!

San Francisco Walking Tour Highlights

  • The Beaches of San Francisco
  • Fort Mason & the Maritime Museum
  • The Presidio: Where Civil War Meets Silicon Valley
  • Land’s End & the Cliff House
  • Flying at Fort Funston
Transportation By Foot – Strenuous walking
Specialty Child Friendly, Highway/Countryside
Tour Type Guided Tour – play before & while you tour
And much much more…

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  • In addition to the beaches and parkland, there is also the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and the Maritime Museum included as units of the GGNRA. The Museum tells the story of San Francisco's colorful and diverse maritime heritage. The Visitor Center is housed in a refurbished 1909 waterfront warehouse, located at the corner of Hyde and Jefferson Streets. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
  • It is easy to navigate San Francisco by using the MUNI public transportation system. There is an elaborate network of trolley and bus routes bisecting the city, including the famous cable cars on Hyde and Mason Streets accessing downtown and shoreline attractions. For those coming from the greater Bay Area, take the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to downtown San Francisco, and then take the MUNI to your destination. Bus schedules and maps are posted in every bus shelter. (MUNI info line: 415-673-MUNI)
  • The GGNRA is also interconnected by a series of hiking trails. All units of the San Francisco GGNRA connect with each other via the Coastal Trail in the western portion of the park. They are picked up by the Golden Gate Promenade along the San Francisco Bay, starting at Fort Point in the Presidio, and going to Fort Mason and the adjacent Aquatic Park. The entire trail is almost 20 kilometers!
  • Even with a car the GGNRA is so massive it is best to plan your visit over several days. Since the GGNRA San Francisco is situated within a thriving metropolis, there is no shortage of hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, or sporting goods outlets. Unlike other National Parks, there is no camping available in the San Francisco units, except for permitted group camping in the Presidio at Rob Hill.

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